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Why should I use a travel agency in the first place? 

Aren't travel agents a thing of the past?  

Can't I do the same thing a travel agent does on the internet?  

Don't travel agents charge for their work?

These are all excellent questions and all deserve a response now that travel agents are back in "vogue".  Yes, travel agents are back and are better equipped with today's technology to help their clients plan a perfect vacation than they ever were before.

First of all, the internet can be a very scary place to invest your hard-earned travel dollars if you don't know which travel suppliers are reputable. 

 There are many internet travel deals that may seem like a bargain, but are you sure the company you are dealing with will be in business when the time comes for your trip?  One of our clients told us about a "deal"  in Venice he booked on the internet.  When he arrived, the hotel did not exist and he had to get the local authorities involved.  He lost the money he paid and had trouble finding a vacant hotel room! Is this how you would want to begin your vacation? Don't fall victim to a scam! 

  There are thousands of travel scams out there so it's important to investigate the reputation of travel companies.   Are you insured against a similar situation happening to you?  Are you sure you are getting the best value for your money?  Who do you turn to if you have to cancel your trip a day before you are due to leave?

Today’s travel agents have almost unlimited access to electronic tools and information to help find you the best vacations at the best price.  Premier agents, such as Your Travel Butlers, subscribe to these advanced electronic tools and websites which make exclusive deals available to them and their clients.  These tools are normally not accessible to the general public.   Your Travel Butlers,  for example, is a member of a travel consortium which has unparalleled buying power within the travel industry – and we pass those savings on to you.    Often times we can offer you additional amenities in addition to the best price because of this relationship.  

Let's talk about service.  The internet cannot give you the same level of service before, during and after your trip.  What will you do if there is an airline strike, civil unrest, natural disaster or other unforseen occurance during your trip? What happens if the hotel you booked based on a web-site's review, turns out to be unsatisfactory?  What happens if you must return home in the middle of your trip due to illness or other unexpected circumstance?  If you booked your trip with a travel agent, all you need to do is pick up a phone.  Your travel agent will take it from there and assist you 24/7.

Travel is our life and our profession and therefore, no one is better trained to help you with your dream vacation other than Your Travel Butlers.  Our service does not end once you board your flight or cruise.  We want to be there for you whenever the need arises.  We are with you before, during and after your trip.

Your Travel Butlers makes it a policy not to charge its clients for cruises or tours.  We receive our commissions through our trusted suppliers.  We also do not charge you for airline tickets, hotel reservations, ground transportation, dinner reservations or theater tickets as long as these services are booked in conjuction with a cruise or tour.  Many travel agencies now charge service fees for these services.  
So, it does not cost you a penny more to use our services. 

So, why would you spend countless hours on the internet searching for a deal and doing all the work when Your Travel Butlers can do the work for you?  You have better things to do than to worry about the details.  We do it all.

We hope you will consider using our services in the near future.


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